17 July 2011

convert .ogv to .flv with ffmpeg -i input_file.ogv output_file.flv http://goo.gl/10VeQ

from tuxarena

In today's tip of the day I'll show how to easily convert an OGV (Theora video) file to FLV (Flash video), for uploading to YouTube or other websites. You will need the ffmpeg audio and video encoder.
To convert an OGV file created by recordMyDesktop for example, all you have to do is issue a command like this:

ffmpeg -i inputfile.ogv outputfile.flv

You can shrink the size of the output file using something like this:

ffmpeg -i inputfile.ogv -s 640x512 outputfile.flv

This also reduces the size of the Flash video file.

To select a certain audio codec you can use something which goes like this:

ffmpeg -i inputfile.ogv -acodec libmp3lame outputfile.flv

1 comment:

  1. add the -sameq flag to improve the quality a little