28 August 2011

copy and paste a line in nano with alt+6 then ctrl+u

nano Cheat Sheet from ibi.uchicago.edu

*Capital M on the left of a dash means push and hold the Esc key. (Example: M-D)


^G      (F1)            Display help text

Saving and Exiting

^O      (F3)            Save the current file (Write the current file to disk)
^X      (F2)            Close the current file buffer / Exit from nano

Moving around

^Y      (F7)            Move to the previous screen
^V      (F8)            Move to the next screen
^F                      Move forward one character
^B                      Move back one character
^Space                  Move forward one word
M-Space                 Move back one word
^P                      Move to the previous line
^N                      Move to the next line                          
^A                      Move to the beginning of the current line
^E                      Move to the end of the current line  


^W      (F6)            Search for a string or a regular expression

Copy, Cut, and Paste

M-^             (M-6)   Copy the current line and store it in the cutbuffer
^K      (F9)            Cut the current line and store it in the cutbuffer
^U      (F10)           Paste: Uncut from the cutbuffer into the current line

Other commands

M-D                     Count the number of words, lines, and characters
^C      (F11)           Display the position of the cursor
^J      (F4)            Justify the current paragraph
^T      (F12)           Invoke the spell checker
^R      (F5)            Insert another file into the current one

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  1. ^w to search and M-w to find next occurence