07 August 2011

try a web filter and proxy cache solution with dansguardian and squid3

These steps worked for me in ubuntu 11.04. These tools can disable your network so make sure you have a look at some documentation first. ('Dansguardian Docs' and 'Squid Configuration Basics')

1. Install Dansguardian and Squid3:

sudo apt-get install dansguardian squid3

2. Edit /etc/dansguardian/dansguardian.conf so:

filterport = 8080
proxyip =
proxyport = 3128

    3. Edit /etc/squid3/squid3.conf to include:

    http_port 3128

      4. Edit the proxy settings to in your browser:

      5. Restart dansguardian and squid3 with:

      sudo service dansguardian restart; sudo service squid3 restart

      6. Test!

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