30 December 2011

execute a bash script with bash script.bash http://goo.gl/d1h4M

To execute the script, type:
$ ./script-name-here
You can also run a script using any one of the following syntax:
$ /path/to/shell/script/backup.sh
Run a script called backup.ksh using ksh shell:
$ ksh backup.ksh
Run a script called backup.bash using BASH shell:
$ bash backup.bash

from nixCraft

process text in table using awk http://goo.gl/47GR0

simple awk tutorial

why awk?

awk is small, fast, and simple, unlike, say, perl. awk also has a clean comprehensible C-like input language, unlike, say, perl. And while it can't do everything you can do in perl, it can do most things that are actually text processing, and it's much easier to work with.

what do you do?

In its simplest usage awk is meant for processing column-oriented text data, such as tables, presented to it on standard input. The variables...

from www.hcs.harvard.edu/~dholland/computers/awk.html